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We believe that all businesses deserve high-quality security which is why our products are designed to help companies of all sizes and industries effectively manage their networks, protect critical data and maintain regulatory compliance. With CYBERShark, you receive enterprise-class security and compliance on day one. Our affordable SOC-as-a-Service can be launched in minutes, doesn’t require any hardware installation and is easy to scale as your company grows so you can maintain complete protection for your business at all times.

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CYBERShark takes BlackStratus’ proven security and compliance platform, trusted by thousands of customers, and delivers it at a fraction of the cost in the cloud. You can white label our service and build a sustainable security as a service business without investing in expensive infrastructure, hardware appliances and security analysts. Help your customers reduce risk, respond to threats faster, achieve compliance and ensure continuity with CYBERShark.

With CYBERShark SOC-as-a-Service, you have access to the following features:

  • Threat Detection
  • Risk & Liability Analysis
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring
  • Real-Time Alerts & Rapid Response to Potential Threats
  • Integrated Incident Management
  • Malicious Activity Remediation
  • Advanced Correlation of Network Logs
  • Easy to Understand, Audit-Ready Reports
Low Monthly Cost
No Long-Term Commitment
24/7 Monitoring & Real-Time Alerts
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