FFIEC Compliant Network Monitoring & Cyber Security Solutions

In response to increasing threats of cyber attacks in our modern digital age, many regulatory organizations have set codes of standards for business’ online security. This includes the FFIC, which set a code of standards for online banking in the financial industry. Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions are now expected to comply with these FFIEC standards, increasing security through multi-factor authentication and other measures. While FFIEC standards pose significant security benefits for customers, they can be difficult for businesses, especially smaller financial institutions, to follow without dedicated resources. BlackStratus offers a solution.

BlackStratus presents a comprehensive family of security monitoring systems for businesses and managed service providers (MSPs), delivering everything your business and clients need to visualize your assets and vulnerabilities in a user-friendly platform. With built-in intelligence tools and FFIEC compliant event logging, you can follow FFIEC regulations more easily and cost-efficiently.

What Is FFIEC Compliance?

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, or FFIEC, is a United States government interagency organization, tasked with setting standards for national banks and financial institutions. In October 2005, the FFIEC set standards for online banking, requiring multi-factor authentication, encryption and security monitoring, among other measures.

To ensure they follow these FFIEC guidelines, organizations are required to regularly assess their information technology resources, identifying potential weaknesses and threats. Any breaches must also be reported according to FFIEC guidelines. FFIEC event log management from BlackStratus can help.

FFIEC Compliance Checklist

BlackStratus’ CYBERShark system can boost your FFIEC compliance and cyber security through a full suite of security tools. These include:

  • Network Security Monitoring: Real-time analysis instantly identifies threats as they happen, giving you and your users increased visibility and more time to prevent and fight breaches.
  • Correlation Technology: Advanced automated correlation technology analyzes logged events for patterns, looking for threats, prioritizing them by threat level and filtering false positives from the group. This way, your team can focus on the most significant dangers to your system.
  • Secure Data Center: CYBERShark is a cloud-based system, allowing your business to achieve high speeds without expensive hardware. On top of that, our data centers comply with the most stringent cloud security standards and encryption procedures, so your data is secured at every level.
  • Centralized Log Management: BlackStratus’ centralized system automatically creates logs of events as they happen, collecting all pertinent data. This allows your users to investigate events with all applicable information. Additionally, logs include incident summaries and drill-downs that detail the particulars of the event.
  • FFIEC Compliant Reports: FFIEC compliant reports are an important factor for financial institutions, and CYBERShark provides them. BlackStratus’ families of software include sets of reporting packs to help businesses track incidents according to specific requirements, including FFIEC requirements. This way, your organization can focus on maintaining FFIEC compliance and minimize the amount of time needed to file an incident report.

Why BlackStratus?

Choose a system designed to help your business maintain FFIEC compliance with security monitoring. Give BlackStratus a call today at 844-564-7876 to work with one of the world’s leading security system providers. Interested in learning more about the software and how it can help your business improve your security? Request a demonstration of our software today or get in touch with us through our contact form.