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ISO 27001 Compliant Software

ISO 27001 is a well-recognized regulation sought after by businesses of all types and industries. Achieving ISO compliance is made easier with BlackStratus’ ISO 27001 compliant IT software, CYBERShark.

What Is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards, which are designed to help organizations maintain the security of their data. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in conjunction with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the 27000 family of standards includes more than a dozen individual standards that set worldwide baselines for information security. Within this family, ISO 27001 is the most well-known standard, pertaining specifically to the implementation of consistent and reliable security controls through an information security management system.

Information security management systems, or ISMSs, are management suites that monitor risks to organizations’ information. The ISMSs identify, analyze and address all risks to information, ensuring the organization can fine-tune security arrangements to the business’ needs and vulnerabilities.

By addressing the requirements of ISMSs to keep up with modern business considerations, ISO 27001 provides a more comprehensive approach compared to PCI DSS. The standard also applies to any industry that makes use of ISMSs, including retail, financial, healthcare and government organizations of all sizes and types.

Why Is Compliance Important?

Like any other ISO standard, certification for ISO 27001 isn’t obligatory. However, the choice to certify for ISO 27001 can be an important one for your business for the following reasons:

  • Avoid Breaches: Every business relies on the security of their information. This is where your company secrets, client data and personally identifiable information lies. If any of that is leaked, it can mean catastrophic consequences. Information security management systems are an excellent way to mitigate and prevent data breaches, and ISO 27001 ensures your ISMS is as effective as possible by using a systematic approach.
  • Reassure Customers: Not every company complies with ISO 27001 because it is a challenging standard covering a broad scope of requirements. However, this also means businesses that have achieved certification take cyber security seriously enough to have undergone thorough testing for their safety practices. This can be a huge reassurance for existing and potential customers alike, considering the rise in cyber attacks in recent years.
  • Gain an Edge: ISO 27001 certification also benefits your business by giving you a certification to add to your marketing material. ISO certification is internationally recognized and can give you an edge against competitors.
  • Access New Markets: ISO 27001 is internationally recognized, and some markets even require its implementation. For example, many supply chain businesses require ISO 27001 certification to be taken seriously, and Japan and India both legally require all businesses to employ ISO 27001 standards. Certification can, therefore, help businesses looking to expand into these markets.
  • Avoid Penalties: Data breaches are costly when they happen. Between legal penalties, reparation costs and lost sales, most estimates place breach costs near $3 million at least. By preventing breaches from happening in the first place, your business can avoid these costs.

If your business does decide to implement ISO 27001 standards and achieve certification, it is certainly worthwhile. However, achieving ISO 27001 can be difficult, especially for smaller organizations with fewer resources. To certify, organizations often have to consolidate and simplify their systems by implementing a few highly functional security systems. One of these systems is ISO 27001 log management software.

CYBERShark and ISO 27001 Compliance

To achieve ISO 27001 compliance, your business must be able to aggregate event data from several networks. CYBERShark can help with this by offering ISO 27001 compliant event logging software. The system includes several functions that help businesses of all types aggregate and manage logs, including:

  • Log Capture and Management: The CYBERShark system achieves ISO 27001 compliant event logging, collecting data from all devices on a network. This information is kept as secure as possible, containing no personally identifiable information and encrypting data in transit and at rest using AES-256 encryption keys. These logs are then protected using authentication procedures so that only authorized individuals can view them. These highly secure logs are then retained in the CYBERShark system for 12 months, so your company can pull them at any time for investigative purposes.
  • Security Monitoring: The CYBERShark system isn’t just an ISO 27001 event log management system. It also acts as a network monitoring software, detecting unusual behavior patterns in the collected data. Everything from unauthorized downloads to one too many wrong passwords can be a sign of malicious behavior. The CYBERShark system flags them all and sends them to BlackStratus’ 24/7 Security Operations Center for verification. If a problem is detected, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.
  • Regulatory Reporting: CYBERShark is designed from the ground up to be compliant with every major data security regulation, including ISO 27001. As an ISO/IEC 27001 compliant IT software, we offer extensive reporting capabilities that meet 27001 regulations so that you can maintain compliance with less effort.

CYBERShark, in combination with other high-quality software systems, can help make your business more resistant to attacks and can help you maintain ISO compliance. This fully scalable, cloud-based program is just what your business needs to maximize your security while keeping costs to a minimum.

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