If you are using AWS as your networking environment, you are joining a growing list of companies that appreciate its many easy-to-use features. With all these new features it can be easy to assume your business is protected, but now more than ever you need to be putting cybersecurity at the forefront to avoid costly data breaches or other malicious online activity that can be devastating for your business. Our cloud-based SOC-as-a-service solution for AWS is the security monitoring platform you need to ensure you are fully protecting your data from attack.

What Is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a cloud platform environment that allows companies of almost any size across a range of industries build and develop applications and products. AWS is an extremely flexible and scalable environment with no capacity limitations. In fact, it was the pioneer of the pay-as-you-go cloud computing model which allows users to purchase just as much storage as they need and build out more as they grow.

AWS is the result of a combination of useful Amazon cloud services including:

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) cloud storage
  • Amazon Glacier long-term cloud storage
  • EC2 (the Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • The AWS Management Console
  • SQS (Simple Queue Service)

It is used all over the world, currently covering 18 geographic regions and growing.

With AWS, companies do not have to worry about the challenges of keeping their data on private servers. They have the ability to input and output data quickly without worrying about servers crashing or a physical attack destroying their data. AWS can work with virtually every type of software and comes with a reliable and flexible managed database. You can access the environment remotely with digital devices using both Android and IOS.

Companies that want to jump right into cloud computing are perfectly suited for AWS, since it is very user-friendly, flexible and reliable. It also allows you to only pay for the services and storage you use.

While there are some basic AWS cloud security features that prevent someone from waltzing in and stealing your data, it may not be enough. If you have very sensitive data or have compliance requirements to meet, you will want a higher level of security — the kind we can provide with our scalable SOC-as-a-service for AWS.

How Do You Know What Environment Your System Is Using?

You will know which environment your system is using by who is providing your cloud services. For example, if you are doing your work in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, you are working within the AWS environment.

What Are Our Product Features and Capabilities for AWS Clients?

CYBERShark is designed for environments such as AWS. When you use CYBERShark SOC-as-a-service for AWS, you will enjoy all the features that come with our service. These include:

  • Risk and liability assessment – The standard AWS security protocols may give you a false sense of security. CYBERShark risk and liability assessment can identify the threats AWS does not automatically detect so that you can be prepared and best fight them.
  • Cloud security monitoring – We monitor your activities on the cloud 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand how vulnerable cloud systems can be, and so do cyberhackers. That’s why you need a security operations center that is constantly vigilant to threats to your network security.
  • Threat detection – CYBERShark utilizes superior threat detection methods to catch any potential attacks on your network.
  • Advanced correlation – Our SOC-as-a-service for AWS comes complete with our advanced correlation techniques. The software logs events as they happen, no matter how often, and constantly cross-references them to refine our ability to define potential intrusions to your system.
  • Real-time alerts and rapid response – If there is an attack on your system, you need to know about it right away so that you can react before the intrusion does serious damage to your network. Our software automatically calculates threat levels and sends an alert when necessary so you can react to threats as quickly as possible.
  • Incident management – Accurate logging of your AWS events is the key to making sure your security software understands and prioritizes events correctly. Our software’s logging capabilities are unparalleled.
  • Malicious activity remediation – We have a full arsenal of weapons at our disposal to block intrusions to your network, destroy malware and plug data breaches to keep your AWS environment safe.
  • AWS compliance reporting – If you are worried that using AWS will make it difficult for you to stay in compliance with your regulatory body of record, you will be pleased to know that our AWS compliance reporting can help ensure you are always in compliance and can prove it.
  • Scalable technology – Just as AWS allows you to pay for only what you need, so does CYBERShark. We know that small businesses often can’t afford a dedicated 24/7 security team, but that doesn’t mean the business is not worth protecting. With our scalable SOC system, you can rest assured your business is fully protected no matter how large or small and as your business grows, your security will too.

AWS Security and Compliance

What do AWS security and compliance issues mean? The security of personal data is a big issue today. With almost every company’s infrastructure now being digitally based, a person cannot interact with many businesses without having their personal data in the cloud.

This means the danger of identity theft, blackmail or other threats related to the unauthorized access of personal data is greater than ever. Regulatory bodies understand this, and so they have put rules in place to make sure companies in different industries protect their clients’ data. Regulatory bodies that companies may need to stay compliant with include:

  • HIPAA – HIPAA requires protocols to be in place to protect people’s medical data. Hospitals, insurance companies and other health care organizations must comply with HIPAA.
  • FISMA – This regulation states that data stored by federal agencies are matters of national security. It requires that any federal agency have the highest possible levels of data protection in place.
  • SOX – The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is relevant to any management personnel, accounting firm or company board in the United States. Companies must maintain and protect financial records for at least seven years.
  • PCI-DSS – This offers protection for credit card users. Credit card data presents the greatest risk of identity theft. PCI-DSS has regulations designed to keep users’ credit card information secure.

If your company is audited, you can relax and know your CYBERShark SOC-as-a-service can keep you in compliance and allow you to quickly and easily produce compliance reporting to the regulatory body.

How Much Does AWS Cloud Security Software Cost?

We charge AWS users for our SOC-as-a-service at similar rates as users of other network environments. We think you will find these rates much more reasonable than the cost of buying costly security hardware or a full-service internal IT security team. We design our service to be useful to the kind of smaller and mid-size companies that often get the most out of AWS. While larger companies may be able to afford tens of thousands of dollars every month for their security, we understand that small and medium-sized businesses often sacrifice their security due to exorbitant costs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With CYBERShark, you can get the same level of security for as little as $350 per month, depending on the size of your business and your AWS security needs.

Why Choose CYBERShark?

There is no better choice than CYBERShark for AWS security monitoring and compliance management. If you chose AWS because you are a young company looking for opportunities to grow, you will love CYBERShark. Like AWS, CYBERShark is a scalable solution that does not require you to install any new hardware, and you can expand as your data security needs grow.

But CYBERShark is about more than just convenience. It’s about having the benefit of a security service designed by some of the most experienced and skilled cybersecurity engineers in the world. They utilize software tools that are proven to be at the cutting edge of cybersecurity to make sure your clients’ data is safe.

It’s the peace of mind of knowing that your AWS cloud data is completely safe, and if there is ever an attack on it, you’ll know right away what happened and how CYBERShark stopped it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Don’t underestimate the value of our compliance reporting for your AWS cloud network. Complete and accurate compliance reports give you the confidence that your cybersecurity is working and that your AWS will stand up to any regulatory body scrutiny.

See for yourself how our SOC-as-a-service can protect your AWS environment. Contact us right away, and we’ll schedule a free demonstration of the software for you so you can see how it works and how well it performs. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to find out about our white label cybersecurity options for MSPs or security resellers, please call us now at 1-844-564-7876 or connect with us online.