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SOC-As-A-Service Features

If you’re trying to decide whether a managed SOC service is right for you, you will want to have an understanding of all the incredible features that CYBERShark can offer your company. Here’s a breakdown of what SOC-as-a-service can mean for managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers.

What Is SOC-As-A-Service?

Today’s enterprise businesses absolutely must have a SOC in place. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and methods of threat detection must be updated constantly to be effective. A passive cybersecurity system just will not work. Businesses must have a trained staff of cybersecurity experts that are constantly vigilant to potential threats to the network so they can react fast to shut them down before they cause irreparable harm.

SOC-as-a-service is the answer when you don’t have a SOC in place or are not happy with the current state of your cybersecurity. CYBERShark’s cloud-based SOC-as-a-Service system gives you access to advanced software and a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts who monitor your devices, clouds and networks, detect malicious activities and immediately respond to cyber threats so that you do not have to do so internally.

How Can SOC-As-A-Service Software Help Companies of All Sizes?

Since dedicated security operations centers can cost tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) to create, many small and mid-sized companies may not be able to afford to have a full-time SOCs on the premises. In this case, SOC-as-a-service solutions are an ideal way for companies to protect themselves while staying within their budget. Larger companies may also find that as they grow, security threats become too great for them to manage on their own, and a reliable SOC-as-a-service can pick up the slack and be more cost-effective than hiring in-house personnel.

What Are the Benefits of Using a SOC-As-A-Service Provider?

A company’s focus may not be on cybersecurity, or even IT, and adding an effective SOC could require a cost-prohibitive reorganization of infrastructure. SOC-as-a-service features all the most important cybersecurity tools without the cost and resources of an internal SOC team. If you are a managed service provider, being able to offer an effective cybersecurity system at a reasonable cost to companies whose focus is on an area like manufacturing, healthcare or finance can be a huge benefit.

Our SOC-as-a-service requires no hardware or appliances to be installed and requires minimal participation from staff, so you can protect your digital assets from day one and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations.

Most companies today understand that relying on antivirus software or other passive means of network protection will not work. Today’s corporate cyberhackers move much too quickly for anti-hacking programs to keep up with. Every company needs a team of experts who can recognize even the most up-to-the-minute threats and know how to deal with them in real-time.

What Are the Features of SOC-As-A-Service Software?

CYBERShark is a full feature SOC-as-a-service program that offers all the benefits of managed security software at a reasonable cost. Our managed security software features include:

  • Threat detection At the heart of any cybersecurity system is threat detection. Business networks are subject to a wide range of potential threats, from data breaches to viruses to ransomware and more. Our team of skilled cybersecurity experts are constantly updating their knowledge and their lexicon of malware to detect any threat to a system coming from any direction and to deal with it before it can damage a company’s business or its reputation.

  • Risk and liability assessment – For hackers to get into your system and do damage, they need a vulnerability to exploit. One of the first things CYBERShark can do as part of your SOC-as-a-service is find out where your vulnerabilities are. Our risk and liability assessment covers all the potential holes in your network so we can plug them up before a malicious actor finds them. Whether your problem is inadequate data protection, failure to attend to third-party risks, a lack of awareness of potential threats or other vulnerability issues, we’ll find them and let you know about them right away — so you can clear them up fast.

  • Advanced correlation – Typical threat detection operates by using a standard set of rules to identify and score potential threat encounters. Our sophisticated advanced correlation techniques combine standard rule-based threat detection methods with methods using generated risk scores. These are based on information regarding the company’s valued assets to give you maximum protection against potential threats. Advanced correlation can be used to generate threat data in real-time and from the historical record.

  • 24/7 network monitoring – Cybercriminals will patiently wait until your system appears to be the most vulnerable to strike, such as after normal working hours or when the core staff is on vacation. If there is a time when your network is less vigilant to an attack, you can be sure some enterprising hacker will choose that time. CYBERShark will monitor your network around the clock, so there are no soft spots for cyberhackers to have a better chance of creating a breach. Whenever an attempt is made to compromise the security of a business protected by CYBERShark, we will be there.

  • Real-time alerts and rapid response – One of the most vital elements as to how devastating a cyberattack will be is how quickly you can respond to it. If there is an attempt to breach your system, every minute that you are not aware of it is a minute you are not stopping the attack. It’s also a minute where you could be losing megabytes of data. This is why our SOC-as-a-service comes with real-time alerts and rapid response, so you’ll know as soon as an intrusion attempt occurs. You will be able to take the necessary steps, which may include quickly informing clients of the company whose data may have been put at risk.

  • Malicious activity remediation – Discovering malicious activity is not helpful if you don’t have a solution for it. We do. Our SOC-as-a-service includes the most up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware programs. We know how to find the threats to your network, and we know how to fix it so they disappear, and you are never threatened that way again.

  • Incident management – One of the biggest reasons companies have difficulty remediating security breaches or preventing future breaches is poor incident management. Security events need to be reported in full as soon as they happen so your network security systems can be adjusted accordingly. Thanks to CYBERShark, you will have access to a complete incident management solution that includes incident log management, in-depth incident summaries and resolution workflows.

  • Compliance reporting – MSPs and companies that use them, even if they are not primarily IT companies, need to ensure compliance with all U.S. security laws and with the necessary IT security regulations. Our SOC-as-a-service solution comes with audit-ready compliance reporting suitable for a wide range of regulatory bodies, including FISMA, GDPR, GLBA, GPG13, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

If you are a managed service provider looking to add superior cybersecurity features under your own brand, we also offer CYBERShark as a white label SOC-as-a-service solution for your customers.

How Much Does a Managed SOC System Cost?

We understand that you may have concerns about the cost of using a managed SOC system as many SOC providers charge thousands of dollars every month. Our goal is to work with MSPs and companies of all sizes, budget restrictions and goals, which is why our CYBERShark solutions start at just $350 per month. Contact us today to learn more about the best solution for your organization.

Why Choose CYBERShark?

Any given company is more likely than not to be the victim of a cyberhacking attempt at some point during their existence. Even a “minor” hack can have devastating consequences, especially for smaller businesses. There’s no reason you should have to pay for an expensive stand-alone hardware security system or a dedicated internal security team when you can get better protection without the drain on your time, money and resources thanks to SOC-as-a-service with CYBERShark.

CYBERShark has all the features companies have come to expect from their security operations center in an affordable white-label, cloud-based software platform. It is ideal for MSPs looking to offer small and mid-sized businesses the kind of enterprise-level security that would be found at larger companies.

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable security engineers monitoring the networks of all the clients we work with. MSPs, and the companies using them, that have our SOC-as-a-service working for them will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that an elite cybersecurity force is keeping a watchful eye over their network at all times — protecting their data and warding off attempts by malicious cyberhacking actors to do them harm.

You wouldn’t leave your home unlocked and without an alarm system, and you shouldn’t try to operate your business on a network that is not protected by CYBERShark.

To see how it works for yourself, get in touch and let us show you a free demonstration today. You can also contact us with any questions about our SOC-as-a-service products.

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