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Advanced Correlation

Your business needs to use every tool at its disposal to protect your IT network from external threats. Networks can be under assault from all sides at all times, and your security network needs to know how to recognize and respond to any threat in real-time. One of the best ways to do that is through advanced correlation of logs and pattern recognition. CYBERShark SOC-as-a-service includes an advanced correlation engine for automatic detection of threats based on extensive and advanced log management.

If you are a managed service provider (MSP), your clients count on you for the reliability and safety of their network. If you are a company with your own IT network looking for protection, you are entitled to advanced cybersecurity even if you are a small or mid-sized company. Our cloud-based SOC-as-a-service solution has the threat detection and event correlation tools you need to maximize the safety of your data and your system.

What Is Advanced Correlation?

Advanced correlation is the process of collecting information from your network logs and using them to identify patterns and relationships. This allows the software to learn how your network operates and identify issues that may turn into bigger problems later. Based on the results of the advanced correlation, your SOC-as-a-service can send alerts or activate defenses automatically depending on the situation.

Our SOC-as-a-service is always monitoring the various events on your system, but the key to advanced correlation is the ability to develop automated rules that correlate the relationships between different events for security purposes.

For example, if an account that has been dormant suddenly comes to life, or one that is usually only accessed on a weekly basis is seeing a flurry of login attempts, advanced correlation could trigger an intrusion detection alert. An advanced correlation system learns by logging a vast number of events. It may see signs that an attack is underway, or it may mark suspicious events to “keep an eye on” to see if they are a threat or merely a safe event that the system had not witnessed previously.

Trying to track all the events that happen manually and determine which are most likely to be attacks on the system would be incredibly time-consuming. It would also be functionally impossible because of the challenge of collecting enough data to make an accurate guess as to what is happening. An advanced correlation engine can analyze and correlate logs with thousands or even millions of events to generate accurate rules.

These rules enable your system to understand patterns of events that occur in your network. The correlation engine can then overlay these rules with policies that decide whether these events are happening at the appropriate time and location. It can use this information to learn when applications and various network activities are behaving normally or require attention. If they do require attention, our ever-vigilant cybersecurity team can jump into action with defense protocols and real-time alerts.

Advanced log management and correlation allows your system to identify the root causes of negative events, allowing you to quickly implement the right short term and long-term solutions to the issue.

What Does Advanced Correlation Mean for Businesses?

Advanced correlation for your business means you have a cost-effective way to automatically log the interactions between continuing events and cross-reference them for fast and accurate analysis of events that may be of concern — whether they are events that are merely worth noting or ones that are presenting critical threats.

Research has shown that within the module and cross-module correlation dramatically increases the level of security of any network. You have a better picture of the activity on your network and are in a much better position to quickly identify risks and security weaknesses. In situations where such information is siloed, vital security information is likely to be missed.

Advanced correlation means your cybersecurity can always be a step ahead, rather than a step behind. If you are not including advanced correlation as part of your security protocol, you may be leaving your system vulnerable to certain types of attacks or you may fail to detect threats before they do costly damage.

What Are the Benefits of Advanced Correlation?

Even the best cybersecurity analysts in the world cannot adequately protect a system if they are not fully aware of the events happening within that system. Cybersecurity experts rely on information. The more information they have about a system, the better they are able to protect it.

Advanced correlation provides the next level of that crucial security data. The advanced correlation engine converts that raw information into threat detection alerts, intrusion alarms and other security systems based on clearly defined rules and efficient analysis of related events. In this way advanced correlation allows your cybersecurity team to provide the best possible protection.

Advanced correlation optimizes many of the most important features of your SOC-as-a-service, including real-time threat alerts and response, 24/7 security monitoring, compliance reporting and more. Our advanced correlation engine helps us bring you these features at a much lower cost than many other security operations center providers.

As businesses grow, data becomes more complicated and the number of potential negative events occurring on a network increases, the need for quality event correlation is becoming an absolute necessity. Without adequate rules for assessing events and their relationships to one another, keeping track of your system could quickly become overwhelming.

How Much Does Advanced IT Correlation Software Cost?

Investing in advanced correlation software will not help you unless you are prepared to supplement it with other protection measures like security hardware or threat detection software. Fortunately, with BlackStratus cloud-based SOC-as-a-service, you don’t need any of that. You will receive state-of-the-art advanced correlation for your network as part of the service, along with threat detection, real-time alerts, 24-7 central security monitoring managed by security engineering experts and more.

You do not need to purchase any special hardware or get trained on any special software. Just sign up for CYBERShark and let our security team make sure you are protected from all threats at all times. Our service is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, which means we are confident we can determine a plan that will fit your company’s goals and budget — and it will cost less than developing your own IT department. While the exact cost will depend on the size of your company, some operations pay as little as $350 per month to keep their data secure.

Why Choose CYBERShark for Advanced Correlation Software for Your Network?

Our motto is Power. Flexibility. Simplicity. Affordability. We believe that all managed service providers (MSPs) and the companies that use them are entitled to top-of-the-line protection whether they are a massive corporation with virtually unlimited resources or a startup trying to grow. We work hard to make sure our advanced correlation software, as well as all of the other cybersecurity tools you’ll enjoy as a CYBERShark client, are state-of-the-art.

CYBERShark is easy to get started with and easy to scale as your company grows. Our platform is relentless at seeking out and eliminating threats to your network at all times, so you can be confident that our advanced correlation engine is working whether you are in the middle of a busy workday or home asleep, making sure potential issues are discovered and snuffed out immediately.

You get all of this without devoting any of your valuable time or internal resources to cybersecurity management. If you have IT professionals on your team already, they can focus on getting you the most out of your system, rather than warding off threats to it.

We also offer a white label option for our SOC-as-a-service for MSPs or others who wish to offer top-of-the-line security and advanced correlation under their own name.

The best way to understand how CYBERShark works so you can assess its benefits to your company is to see it yourself. We are proud to offer a free demo of the product for just this purpose. We’re sure once you see what we’ve got, you’ll want it for your network right away. Schedule your demo now, or get in touch at 844.564.7876 or contact us online for more details.

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