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Integrated Incident Management Workflow

Our CYBERShark SOC-as-a-service platform integrates with a variety of cybersecurity solutions which work together to provide maximum protection for the networks of managed service providers (MSPs) or the companies that use them. That array of solutions includes state-of-the-art incident management software. We understand that without an effective incident management system, a cybersecurity platform, even one that can quickly identify threats to your network, cannot provide the security you need.

The resources of our cloud-based SOC-as-a-service system allow us to provide compliant incident management workflow solutions that rival those of the most sophisticated security operations centers (SOCs) without your company needing to install any hardware or pay exorbitant fees.

What Is Incident Management?

Incident management is mainly about security incident response orchestration. In other words, it involves handling security events that occur to the network, such as an attempted breach or malware infiltration. However, incident management is much more than this. The objectives of incident management include dealing with a variety of disruptive events and returning the affected system to normal operations as quickly as possible after an incident occurs, minimizing any negative impact of the event.

We define an incident as any unexpected disruption to the network that affects your IT service. It can be everything from a momentary power failure or a software conflict in your system to an all-out attack on the network. A good integrated incident management workflow system can:

  • Identify these events as they happen
  • Determine the problem that caused the event
  • Categorize those problems by threat level
  • Prioritize a response
  • Take the necessary action
  • Record details to identify and defend against future events of a similar type

The different forms an incident may take are characterized not only by low, medium or high priority, but also by whether they result from a hardware problem, a software problem or a security issue. An incident may also be some combination of these. Naturally, as your SOC-as-a-service provider, we will typically rate security issues as the highest priority and react quickly to alert you and take steps to shut down the attack. However, it is important to give attention to any incident that occurs to minimize disruptions to your IT and allow smooth workflow.

Why Is IT Incident Management Important?

There are a variety of reasons why good incident management for your IT is vital to the success of your business. The most obvious is that if your company relies on IT in any way, you need a system in place for handling issues that could affect your IT service as incidents can mean dreaded downtime — something your company must avoid at all costs if it is to survive.

You need a way to differentiate between the kinds of IT incidents you may encounter and a way to generate a fast and appropriate response. Incidents will happen — of this, you can be sure, and it could be your incident management system that decides whether those incidents are mere blips on the radar or problems that threaten to send your company into a tailspin.

What Are the Benefits of Using Incident Management Software?

Your best defense against the negative effects of IT incidents is having a high-quality, proven incident management process that you can rely on in place. But many companies, especially small to mid-sized companies, don’t have the resources to manage incidents effectively on their own. Your company needs to find a way to identify incidents as they happen, categorize them, log them, prioritize them, resolve them and log them somewhere that is easily accessible. That way, whoever is responsible for your incident management can access everything quickly to avoid or quickly resolve a similar event in the future. It is a full-time job, though, that can be a massive drain on your company.

With good incident management software, you have the benefit of a proven, professional incident management platform that can perform all these steps for you without draining your resources. Since incident management software is a feature of SOC-as-a-service from BlackStratus, you can enjoy the bonus benefit of a program that identifies and helps resolve all negative events, including, of course, security events.

What Are the Costs of Not Using Incident Management Software?

Most managed service providers understand that they need an integrated incident management workflow solution. However, some companies, especially smaller companies, may feel that they are not big enough to merit an incident management system. They may feel that they use their network so infrequently that problems are unlikely to occur, or that they will be small enough that they can handle them on their own.

You do not want to find out that you have miscalculated in one of these assumptions too late. The reality is that smaller companies have even more to lose than larger ones when it comes to lack of adequate cybersecurity or IT incident management solutions. As a smaller company, you can afford downtime even less than a larger company, and you may not have workarounds when an event occurs the way a larger company might.

Without good incident management software, you don’t have a procedure in place for understanding when, why and how things go wrong and, therefore, you may never be prepared when they do. Even if you are able to manage the first few incidents you encounter, unless you have a system that helps you understand why those incidents happen, they will keep recurring, and eventually, they will overwhelm you.

Good incident management software can easily pay for itself the first time it allows you to ward off a potentially catastrophic incident or even to react to an incident that has already occurred before it does irreparable damage. A proven incident management platform, such as CYBERShark SOC-as-a-service, that is designed with superior cybersecurity tools — like advanced threat detection, real-time alerts and rapid response — is always well worth the investment.

How Much Does Incident Management Software Cost?

Buying incident management software on its own can have various costs, although again, the cost of not having good incident management software can be much greater. When you order CYBERShark and secure SOC-as-a-service for your network, you will enjoy state-of-the-art incident management software as an integrated feature.

As far as the total cost of your SOC-as-a-service, this will vary according to your budget and how complex your incident management and cybersecurity needs are. However, you will surely find that our SOC-as-a-service is dramatically cheaper than buying your own incident management and cybersecurity hardware and IT team or using one of the standard SOC-as-a-service companies that may charge tens of thousands of dollars a month.

At BlackStratus, we believe in power, flexibility, simplicity and affordability. We pride ourselves on being able to offer services for businesses of all sizes. Some clients may find themselves paying just $350 a month for complete network security, a small price to pay for knowing that a negative incident or security event will not ruin your business.

Why Choose CYBERShark for Your Incident Management Platform?

When you choose CYBERShark as your incident management platform, you get so much more. You get a team of highly experienced cybersecurity engineers at your disposal with the resources to identify the most dangerous threats to your network. This platform is able to serve the industries that are most reliant on IT, including healthcare, government and finance.

You get 24/7 centralized security monitoring with real-time alerts and rapid response, meaning you’ll know if there’s ever a problem, anytime, day or night, and you’ll know how to respond. You get all that and more for one affordable monthly fee with no requirements to purchase any hardware or undergo any special team training. You and your team can focus on what you do best, secure in the knowledge that your network is protected and experts are vigilant to any potential problems around the clock.

When you have incident management, threat detection, rapid response and malicious activity remediation working together to protect your IT, you can feel the difference. We have worked hard to make sure our SOC-as-a-service is the best and most cost-effective way to protect your network.

We’d love for you to see how CYBERShark can protect a vulnerable network for yourself. We are always excited to show off our capabilities and give companies an opportunity to see our features in action. That’s why you can contact us anytime to schedule a free demonstration of our software so you can get a firsthand look at how it all works before you subscribe to our service. You can also give us a call at 844.564.7876 or contact us online to speak to one of our cybersecurity and incident management experts about how our products can work best for you.

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