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Real-Time Alerts and Rapid Response

Are you confident that if your company’s network were being hacked right now, you would know about it? Or do you cross your fingers when you come into work every morning that your network will show no signs of an intrusion?

One of the many key features of our cloud-based SOC-as-a-service solution, CYBERShark, is our real-time security alerts with rapid response. Our SOC-as-a-service is based on the idea that unless you have comprehensive cybersecurity threat detection, your SOC — or security operations center — is of little value. That’s why our platform includes a cybersecurity alert system that will allow you to respond to threats as quickly as possible.

When it comes to threats to your network, time is of the essence. A matter of mere minutes could mean a difference in millions of dollars in damage and untold megabytes of lost data. Our centralized security monitoring allows us to provide your company with lightning-fast automated security alerts so you can contain the damage before it becomes catastrophic.

What Are Real-Time Security Alerts?

Some hacking attempts may only be discovered if they are successful, and even then, without proper monitoring, they may only be discovered the morning after or whenever the internal IT security team typically logs in to the network. This is far too late in today’s fast-moving digital environment. Real-time cybersecurity alerts are just what they sound like — a nearly instant, automatic response to any intrusion event. That way, the company being attacked can take immediate steps to protect their network and their data.

How Does Our Team Respond When an Incident Is Detected?

Your SOC-as-a-service team has a tremendous amount of cybersecurity engineering expertise and highly advanced cybersecurity software at their disposal. We can scan millions of events as they happen in real-time throughout the networks we protect. The moment any suspicious activity occurs, our team knows about it almost instantly. They immediately alert the contact person at the so the situation can be resolved quickly and without issue.

At the same time, we can use the cybersecurity tools at our disposal to shut down the breach, malware attack or other intrusion so the hacker is locked out of the system and unable to do any damage moving forward.

Our SOC-as-a-service has an extremely nuanced incident response protocol. We understand that not all threats are the same. Some may not require your immediate attention. Some may reveal a potential weakness but not an actual threat, and some require fast action before major damage is done. We have the resources to distinguish the difference quickly so that when there is an event that does require fast action, we can alert you immediately, day or night, and take action to fix it.

What Are the Benefits of Real-Time Alerts and Rapid Response?

Cyberhackers are smart. They don’t wait until the middle of the day when the network is in full use, and any aberrations are likely to be detected immediately. They don’t attack when internal IT security teams have nothing better to do but scour the network for threats.

Many cyberhackers are extremely sophisticated. They attack early in the morning, late at night or on the weekends, when no one is around. They may even track your network traffic so they know exactly when the fewest people will be monitoring the system. They might also set up hacking bots to test your system constantly and attack as soon as they detect a vulnerability.

That’s why central security monitoring with rapid response and automated alerts is so important. With our SOC-as-a-service, there are no vulnerable spots. We have watchful eyes on your network all the time, scanning for any possible suspicious activity around the clock. We enable you to respond to a potential threat instantly — not hours later when it may be too late.

Don’t operate under the assumption that you are safe just because you are a smaller company. Virtually no company is too small to escape a hacker’s notice. Many hackers operate using automated programs that simply troll the internet looking for business network vulnerabilities.

Smaller businesses may be even more vulnerable because they are less likely to have the protections that larger companies do. If your company has a network and uses the internet, you are a potential target for a hacker attack. This is true whether you are a startup, a growing medium-sized company or a larger corporation.

Our real-time alerts and rapid response give you the peace of mind of knowing that if you are not hearing from us, your network is safe. You can sleep well and utilize the internet with confidence, knowing that CYBERShark is out there, remaining ever vigilant to any potential problems that may arise.

How Do Real-Time Alerts and Rapid Incident Response Impact a Company’s Bottom Line?

Having state-of-the-art cybersecurity alert software that allows a rapid response for cybersecurity threats can make a massive difference in your bottom line. It seems like you cannot go a month without hearing about some huge company that has been the victim of a massive data breach.

It’s important to understand that every minute a vulnerability is left open can have exponentially worse effects. Five minutes could be the difference between a mess that takes a few months to clean up and a company reputation damaged beyond repair.

Don’t let a data breach or malware attack destroy your company. Real-time alerts and rapid response allow you to stop the problem in its tracks or shut it down while you can still reverse or mitigate the damage. SOC-as-a-service can pay for itself the first time it identifies and eliminates a threat before it invades your system.

How Much Does a Cybersecurity Alert System Cost?

Cybersecurity alerts with rapid incident response are an integrated part of our SOC-as-a-service programs. When you sign up for our service, you can be sure that real-time alerts & rapid response are enabled.

The cost varies according to your needs and your goals with respect to cybersecurity, but you can expect massive savings over purchasing your own hardware platform or hiring a typical SOC provider, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars a month. We have customized cybersecurity programs for companies at rates as low as $350 a month.

Why Choose CYBERShark?

CYBERShark allows companies large and small to benefit from the cybersecurity they need and deserve, even if they have cost and resource concerns.

Maintaining security may currently put a huge drain on your IT department. Perhaps you don’t have an IT department at all. We can allow your company to enjoy state-of-the-art security that fits your budget while you focus your resources on taking care of your customers. You don’t have to buy expensive hardware or put anyone on your internal team through time-consuming training.

CYBERShark puts some of the best cybersecurity engineers and resources at your disposal. You get an incredible array of features beyond real-time alerts and rapid response, including advanced correlation, risk and liability assessment and compliance reporting.

This platform has the ability to assess potential threats all across the network, from the most vulnerable to the most heavily protected spots. We have the resources to categorize the severity of the threat, rapidly generate the best remediation options, implement those options, create a record of the success of the remediation chosen and use data about the incident to improve security in the future.

Some of the biggest SOC-as-a-service companies offer similar features to the ones that CYBERShark offers but may charge as much as tens of thousands of dollars more, pricing out many of the smaller and medium-sized businesses whose very survival may depend on high-quality cybersecurity. CYBERShark is an effective and affordable cybersecurity solution for any business, no matter how large or small.

You don’t have to deal with the stress of trying to figure out how to differentiate and combat different types of threats, make sure your firewalls are secure or assign network monitoring responsibilities. CYBERShark can do it all, regardless of your industry.

Power. Flexibility. Simplicity. Affordability. These are our watchwords and the reason why you will soon learn that CYBERShark is the cybersecurity solution your company can rely on. In addition, if you are a managed security provider or cybersecurity reseller looking to offer a solution with real-time alerts and rapid response under your own banner, we do offer a white label option.

Does it all sound too good to be true? See for yourself how CYBERShark with real-time alerts and rapid response can work for your business. Get in touch with us to schedule a look at our free demo. Or, if you’d like to learn anything more about how CYBERShark or SOC-as-a-service works, either before or after viewing or demo, please do not hesitate to call us at 844.564.7876 or contact us online anytime.

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