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Aerospace Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

In the aerospace industry, there’s no room for uncertainty. Corrupted or compromised data can have far-reaching, even potentially tragic consequences. Add to that the industry’s highly competitive nature, and it’s easy to see why cyber security and compliance are critical operational goals for suppliers and other contractors.

Cyber-attacks against the aerospace industry are increasing in frequency and sophistication. This issue has led to more detailed regulations, which require time and effort to stay in compliance with.

BlackStratus is your partner for dedicated aerospace cybersecurity and compliance solutions. We offer easy-to-deploy, intuitive software platforms that keep your data secure and your organization safe, even as the threats against you evolve.

Key Concerns for the Aerospace Industry

The complex nature of the aerospace industry presents several potential threats. Staying vigilant requires taking ongoing steps to prevent:

  • Security breaches: Aerospace contractors with access to sensitive or classified information are easy targets for hacks originating both at home and abroad. While smaller and medium-sized contractors may not consider themselves vulnerable, hackers are increasingly targeting these organizations instead of their larger competitors, in part because smaller companies are less likely to have adopted advanced IT security protocols.
  • Intellectual property loss: In the aerospace industry, it’s not unheard-of for unscrupulous contractors — or foreign defense agencies — to attempt to steal their competitors’ intellectual property. A 2008 survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that “19 percent of the North American enterprises reported at least one case of intellectual property infringement in the past two years.” Today, the risks are even more prominent, and taking steps to protect yourself online is an essential part of overall vigilance.
  • Regulatory noncompliance: The regulatory landscape for aerospace IT operations is constantly changing. In 2013, the Aerospace Industries Association introduced National Aerospace Standard NAS9924, its “Cyber Security Baseline.” Similar regulations for DoD contractors followed and have been updated multiple times in the years since.

Managing risk and mitigating these concerns requires forward-thinking network security protocols. At the same time, any investment you make must be strategic. Choosing a product that is scalable and can evolve with your organization is crucial.

How BlackStratus Can Help

BlackStratus’ LOGStorm and CYBERShark are sophisticated solutions for aerospace cybersecurity and compliance. Our products help with several aspects of IT security, including real-time network monitoring with advanced detection and correlation technology that allows your team to identify threats and take corrective action early. Our products also offer event logging for all devices on your network, providing you with actionable, searchable intelligence for use in reporting and investigations up to 12 months later.

In addition to protecting you from threats, BlackStratus’ LOGStorm and CYBERShark streamline your path to compliance with NAS9924 and other industry-specific regulations. Both programs contain built-in reporting and audit preparation tools that reduce the amount of work and number of headaches necessary to demonstrate compliance.

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