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Today’s communications service providers operate huge networks, delivering services to an enormous range of businesses and individuals. While this means improved profits, it also means increased risks. With so many clients on their service lists, CSPs handle huge amounts of private credit card and financial information, as well as their own business and personnel data. With the number of security threats on the rise, it’s more important than ever for CSPs to employ sophisticated preventive programs, including network monitoring software.

Network Threats in Telecommunications

With the expansion of CSPs in recent years, the number of security threats has increased exponentially.

  • Credit Card Fraud: Many CSPs handle credit card information, which can be stolen and used to the detriment of clients.
  • Information Theft and Loss: Stealing and leaking private information about a CSP or their clients can be devastating. Identifying information about clients can be used for identity theft purposes, while CSP information can be used to commit fraud or harm performance. In some scenarios, essential data can even be deleted, resulting in severe financial and legal losses.
  • Downtime: At worst, a security breach can bring down a CSP’s entire network system, leading to massive blackouts across entire regions. Though rare, these incidents can be catastrophic, both to the business’s profitability and to their clients’ livelihoods.

Network Security Software for Communications

In response to the increasing number of threats, many communications businesses use network-monitoring software for CSPs, specifically cloud-based models like BlackStratus’s systems. BlackStratus’s systems are particularly suited to communications network security because they meet the industry’s key requirements, including:

  • Security: The most important feature of any network security system is, of course, security. CSPs in particular focus on security functions like authentication, monitoring and threat intelligence to protect against attacks from both internal and external sources.
  • Scalability: Considering their customer base, CSPs must have access to a huge amount of customer data at any time. This means that CSP network monitoring software has to be scalable to their needs.
  • Compliance: CSPs face a unique situation in the area of regulation compliance, as their customer base can include businesses of all industries. These include healthcare and financial businesses. For this reason, CSPs have to comply with a greater number of regulatory entities, making security-monitoring services with logging and reporting functions a necessity.

BlackStratus has solutions to help with communications network security. Each of BlackStratus’s security software solutions features a full suite of scalable functions and applications that integrate seamlessly into existing security programs. One of the primary features is a reporting function, with formats designed for a variety of regulatory entities to help CSPs maintain compliance. No matter the size of your CSP, BlackStratus can help improve your business’s security functions.

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