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Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

For nonprofit organizations, keeping data safe and secure may seem like a minor concern. However, failing to understand the threats to your network infrastructure can lead to downtime, reputational damage and financial loss that can jeopardize your ability to fulfill your mandate.

BlackStratus offers several programs that can help with cybersecurity for nonprofits. We understand the unique nature of your operation and provide smart solutions for cyber threat detection and overall security preparedness.

Why Cybersecurity Matters

Cybersecurity is an issue that isn’t discussed nearly enough in the nonprofit world, in part because many organizations fail to perceive the true nature of the threats against them. In fact, there are many reasons that hackers might target a nonprofit. Just a few include to access:

  • Financial records and credit card information associated with past donations
  • Donor records or other personal data related to your staff and stakeholders
  • Email records or other private communications in hopes of finding embarrassing or politically damaging content

Ultimately, hackers don’t need a specific reason to attack a nonprofit. Domain names ending in .org tend to rank highly in Google search results, making them attractive targets for anyone with malicious intent.

Specific Cybersecurity Challenges for Nonprofits

The biggest challenge when it comes to cybersecurity for nonprofits is budgetary. Nonprofit organizations are often forced to make due with shoestring budgets or to justify expenses to donors who may wish for their money to be spent on high-profile initiatives rather than network infrastructure upgrades.

The other challenge is personnel related. Many organizations rely heavily on volunteer workers, who may not have the time or initiative to train on cybersecurity best practices. In addition, the tendency of nonprofits to have high levels of staff turnover leads to an inherently insecure environment where access to sensitive files isn’t properly controlled.

How BlackStratus Can Help

BlackStratus’ LOGStorm and CYBERShark solutions are intelligent, intuitive logging and threat detection platforms that are easily deployable by nonprofits of any size. Our products address several issues related to nonprofit cybersecurity, including:

  • Network monitoring: At the heart of every BlackStratus product is our pioneering rules-based correlation system, which simultaneously analyzes several factors to identify threats before they compromise your security. Actionable, accurate intelligence and incident resolution workflows free up your team for other projects and help you make the most of limited technical resources without compromising security.
  • Event logging: BlackStratus products are compatible with thousands of popular network devices. When connected to your network, they provide a centralized point for logging incidents system-wide. BlackStratus products will automatically encrypt this data for safekeeping, storing it in a secure silo where it can be accessed for investigation or auditing purposes up to 12 months later.
  • Regulatory compliance: If your organization is subject to HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA or other regulatory guidelines, you’ll be happy to know that BlackStratus makes compliance easy. Our software contains preset reporting features that simplify the audit process, saving you time and money.

BlackStratus provides products that are on-premise and cloud-based, which means they are scalable to grow with your organization and don’t require an investment in on-site hardware. Request a free demo of our LOGStorm, SIEMStorm, or CYBERShark solutions, or call us at 844-564-7876 to learn more.

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