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Cybersecurity and Threat Detection for Manufacturers

For a long time, most manufacturers considered themselves to be at low risk of cyber-attacks. However, as technology has advanced and operations have become more interconnected, this is no longer true. The past few years have seen an increase in the number of attacks against manufacturers and a growing need for specialized cybersecurity tools to meet the requirements of the sector.

BlackStratus is a longstanding partner to manufacturers and other businesses. We offer a range of sophisticated tools for threat detection, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance. Read on for more information about how our products address the specific threats facing your industry.

Cybersecurity and the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector faces several unique cybersecurity threats:

  • Malware-infected internet of things (IoT) devices: Industry 4.0 facilities rely on extensive interconnection and the constant exchange of data between devices. While good for automation and efficiency, IoT devices leave manufacturers vulnerable to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can work around firewalls.
  • IP theft: Even if your facility isn’t automated to the extent that it’s vulnerable to DDoS attacks if you store or access sensitive information online, your organization is at risk. In 2016, manufacturing became the second-most attacked industry — behind only healthcare — according to a report by IBM X-Force Research. Your proprietary IP is what separates you from your competition — keeping it safe from cyber threats should be a key priority.
  • Lack of investment in network security: The trend toward lean manufacturing models has led to an emphasis on cost reduction at all levels. As a result, many organizations are reluctant to invest in adequate cybersecurity systems or the trained staff needed to run and monitor them. This lack of investment leaves manufacturers — in particular, small and medium-sized organizations — vulnerable to attacks.

Consequences of a cyber-attack on a manufacturer can range from an extended shutdown and its resulting financial loss to something more far-reaching and malicious.For example, a hacker could make subtle changes to your automated programming that alter your product in unsafe ways. As manufacturers know, with precision components, an imperceptible difference of a few millimeters or degrees can easily compromise safety or performance. While such a scenario may seem far-fetched, the fact that it could happen should make cybersecurity a concern for any manufacturer.

How BlackStratus Can Help

BlackStratus specializes in cybersecurity threat detection and response. Our cloud-based products feature a suite of tools for event logging and analysis, which are scalable for use by operations of any size, in any industry.

BlackStratus’ manufacturing industry cybersecurity software platforms work with thousands of network devices to provide a single point of monitoring and control, with built-in workflows that allow you to drill down on threats and take appropriate action when they occur. And if you have special reporting or compliance requirements, our products can help with that, too.

Don’t wait until you’re the victim of a breach to get proactive about cybersecurity. To find out more about BlackStratus, reach us by phone at 844-564-7876 or request a demonstration on our contact page.

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