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IT Security and Compliance for the Energy and Utility Sectors

Bringing power to people across the country requires extensive infrastructure and advanced technology. Unfortunately, these factors make utility and energy companies particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. To stay protected — and stay compliant with federal regulations — organizations in this sector must make strategic investments in threat detection and mitigation software.
BlackStratus is an advanced platform for logging, monitoring and reporting network activity. Many utility and energy companies around the country already rely on our products to mitigate risks and meet their regulatory obligations. Keep reading to find out how we can help you.

Security Threats in the Energy Sector

An interconnected world relies heavily on its power and telecommunications systems. Disruptions to the grid can cause significant financial loss and widespread instability. Add to this the fact that most American infrastructure is owned and maintained by private companies — making collaboration on high-level security enhancements challenging — and it’s easy to see why this sector is particularly vulnerable.

Threats against utility and energy companies can be purely opportunistic, exploiting vulnerabilities for financial gain. Or, they can be more malicious, with the intent of sowing political instability or environmental damage.

Specific threats against utility companies include the potential for malware to secure access to privileged accounts, the use of internet of things (IoT)-connected devices to launch attacks over the grid and the risk of ransomware holding network resources hostage.

Cyber Threat Detection with BlackStratus

BlackStratus’ main product offerings help organizations monitor and log network events, anticipate risks and identify threats using advanced vulnerability correlation technology. CYBERShark is a turnkey, cloud-based solution that works with thousands of devices to offer unparalleled security visibility across your entire network.

When a threat or potential threat is detected, easy-to-use remediation workflows give your team tools for containing and resolving it. Our products offer real-time visualizations of zero-day attacks and encrypted storage of log records for up to 12 months. Best of all, our software is scalable to grow with your business and its network infrastructure — as your needs change, adapting your security posture is affordable and convenient with BlackStratus.

Staying Compliant with Changing Regulations

Given the potential impact of a breach, it’s no surprise that federal authorities have imposed strict regulations for cybersecurity in the energy and utility sectors. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) publishes detailed standards for security management, incident reporting, recovery planning and other aspects of network security. More than just a regulatory nuisance, these guidelines should inform your broader approach to IT security.

BlackStratus’ LOGStorm and CYBERShark platforms integrate NERC compliance into their reporting and monitoring capabilities. Our products contain built-in features that simplify auditing and report generation, reducing the amount of work involved in staying compliant while positioning your organization to respond proactively to threats as they emerge.

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BlackStratus is the premier cyber threat detection platform for the energy sector. Let our team work with you to improve your organization’s overall security posture. Call our office at 844-564-7876 or use our contact form to schedule a demonstration at your convenience.

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