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Network Security Monitoring & Compliance for Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions handle some of the most sensitive information, from account and credit card data to personal identification. With the financial health of both individuals and businesses on the line, cyber security for banks is essential. Unfortunately, it’s also under attack more than ever before.

The increase of cyber threats on banking information has brought rise to numerous regulatory entities seeking to improve national and global security and protect customers from hackers. While effective, the sheer number of regulations has led to numerous difficulties for financial institutions. Juggling regulations can be difficult, especially for smaller institutions with fewer resources. Fortunately, top-tier security and network monitoring software from BlackStratus can help banks prevent and mitigate attacks.

Challenges in the Financial Industry

Financial institutions of all shapes and sizes face numerous challenges in the modern world, especially with the rise of online banking and purchasing. The most problematic of these problems pertain to data security and include:

  • Regulations: Financial institutions juggle several regulations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FISMA and PCI-DSS, among others. Maintaining compliance with any one of these entities can be difficult enough, but compliance with all of them can be even more so, especially when you consider the strict procedures involved.
  • Customer Density: Financial institutions handle the detailed financial information of hundreds if not thousands of people, making it more difficult to track fraudulent activity. With so many individuals with such varied financial behaviors, determining normal behavior from potential fraud takes a dedicated system.
  • Threats: On top of regulatory and customer problems, the financial industry is constantly under attack from hackers attempting to glean valuable financial information through vulnerabilities in financial systems. This problem isn’t helped by the fact that access points continue to pop up in the form of web applications and unprotected mobile devices. Though convenient, these are common points of attack for hackers and can leave systems vulnerable to devastating breaches.

Any of these challenges in cyber security for credit unions can be mitigated through the right software, and BlackStratus offers a solution.

Banking Cyber Security Software

With the right system, cyber threat detection for banks can improve substantially, and the challenges faced by the industry can be mitigated. BlackStratus offers such a solution with the cloud-based LOGStorm and CYBERShark systems. These comprehensive and scalable security and compliance software systems are designed to help the financial industry through:

  • Log Capture: LOGStorm and CYBERShark capture, manage and encrypt logs, detailing critical information about events in the system which can be used to identify behaviors, patterns and even system breaches. These logs are essential tools for threat detection for credit unions.
  • Intelligence: CYBERShark and LOGStorm offer analytical intelligence for financial institutions, monitoring networks day and night and analyzing them using advanced correlation technology. If any issue is identified and confirmed, the software issues alerts in real-time.
  • Compliance: BlackStratus’ software solutions meet all PCI, Sarbanes/Oxley and FISMA security requirements, so every facet of your business’ security is guaranteed to be safe. The system even includes reporting tools for many of these regulatory entities, so your organization has less to worry about in the event of a breach.

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