IT Operational Intelligence for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been undergoing huge transformations in recent years with the implementation of HIPAA requirements and the development of electronic health records. With patient records being converted to digital formats and tighter regulations on confidentiality, comprehensive IT solutions are key to the modern healthcare industry. BlackStratus offers these comprehensive solutions in the forms of operational intelligence and network monitoring.

Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Both healthcare providers and insurance agencies alike face several challenges in the modern healthcare industry. The most concerning of these challenges are those pertaining to data security.

  • Regulations: Modern regulations, most notably the HIPAA privacy rule, can be difficult to comply with, especially in combination with the several other regulations applicable to the healthcare industry. Many of these regulations require strict authentication procedures, stringent security measures and detailed incident reports, among other measures.
  • Updates: Electronic health records have only recently come into play in the healthcare industry, and many healthcare businesses are still struggling to catch up. This often means IT teams have to wrestle with heightened regulatory requirements while simultaneously trying to update information systems from legacy hardware or even manual documentation. Legacy systems are particularly concerning, as they tend to be more vulnerable to IT security threats.
  • Threats: On top of these struggles, the healthcare industry faces constant IT security threats. Healthcare is one of the industries most affected by insider misuse, and protecting online patient portals has become a priority in recent years, as these are common points of attack for malicious outsiders. Such incidents can often have devastating ramifications, from financial losses to patient information deletions.

Healthcare Network Monitoring Software

With the right HIPAA compliant IT security service, healthcare organizations can improve their security while also gaining better visibility of their network. BlackStratus offers this with the cloud-based CYBERShark system, a comprehensive and scalable security and compliance software designed to help industries of all types, including the healthcare industry. CYBERShark offers this through:

  • Log Capture: CYBERShark captures and manages logs, which contain critical information about user behaviors, data access patterns and even evidence of system breaches. The system automatically keeps these records for reference from all network devices, encrypting them for security.
  • Intelligence: CYBERShark offers IT operational intelligence for healthcare businesses, monitoring networks 24/7 with advanced metrics systems. The software issues real-time alerts as soon as the system detects a problem, identifying even minor potential threats. Even better, the system develops automatic incident management and remediation workflows to mitigate malicious activity.
  • Compliance: CYBERShark logs meet a variety of regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes/Oxley, FISMA and GPG13. The system also generates regulation-specific reports to help companies maintain compliance with these entities.

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