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Higher Education: Compliance, Security & Data Logging Standards

Higher educational institutions tend to be popular targets for cyber-attacks. Between their relatively open networks and their extensive quantities of sensitive student data, universities face serious challenges in cybersecurity.

In response, regulatory organizations have worked with higher education institutions to implement regulations for the safety of staff and students, including PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA and HIPAA standards. While effective, these rules can be difficult to maintain compliance with and add to the difficulty of running modern higher education institutions. With a cyber threat detection system for universities from BlackStratus, these challenges can be faced head-on.

Challenges in Higher Education

Higher education as an industry has faced increasing threats over the past several years, due primarily to the changing industry and the modern world. The most problematic of the challenges faced by the modern higher education industry include:

  • Threats: Educational institutions are facing many of these issues due to their appeal to hackers. With so much personal information and intellectual property within university networks, hackers are willing to work much harder to get into higher education systems than they would for other organizations.
  • Network Architecture: Educational institutions tend to have open network architectures with multiple access points. Though convenient for the university’s students, this network is a problem considering the sheer number of users sharing the system. With so many delivery channels and access points, potential vulnerabilities are everywhere.
  • Regulations: Though the regulations are put in place to protect institutions and their students, universities are required to comply with a wide variety of standards, including PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA and HIPAA. Balancing these standards places even more demands on the IT infrastructure of higher education institutions.

Higher Education Cyber Threat Detection

BlackStratus offers several solutions in cyber threat detection for universities, including its LOGStorm and CYBERShark solutions. These systems help universities with information security and compliance through a host of practical tools, including:

  • Network Monitoring: Visualize threats in real-time with a scalable solution that caters to your network size. BlackStratus’ systems monitor events as they happen, enhancing visualization through sophisticated correlation technology tools that help identify threats and prioritize them by importance. Your staff can combat threats more effectively, mitigating breaches and preventing future attacks.
  • Scalable Systems: LOGStorm and CYBERShark are hosted through a secured cloud system, meaning the system can be scaled to fit your higher education institution’s needs without requiring additional hardware investments.
  • Centralized Event Log Management: The LOGStorm and CYBERShark systems are based on efficient, automatic log collection and management software. The systems collect event data as it happens, including in-depth incident summaries with detailed drill-downs, allowing your staff to investigate events more efficiently.
  • Higher Education Security and Compliance: Compliance is one of the biggest challenges of the modern higher education system, and BlackStratus is perfectly equipped to help. BlackStratus systems are compliant with all the main regulatory entities and are hosted through a secure cloud system. Even better, BlackStratus software helps make compliance reporting easier with reporting packs for each primary regulatory entity.

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