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Military and Defense Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions

As the nature of international conflict changes, military and defense contractors are more vulnerable than ever before to hacks and security breaches. If you’re using outdated technology for threat detection and compliance, you run the risk of financial loss, reputational damage, compromise of your intellectual property and worse.

BlackStratus products offer built-in tools for cybersecurity and regulatory compliance that are adaptable for use by military and defense contractors of any size. Our products are sophisticated, scalable and intuitive, making them ideal for use by any organization that routinely handles classified or sensitive information.

Cybersecurity Challenges for the Defense Industry

Military and defense contractors are high-profile targets for hackers both at home and abroad. Malicious actors may attempt to hack a defense agency or military contractor to gain access to classified files, publicly embarrass or discredit high-profile targets or sow the seeds of chaos and discord.

The decentralized nature of the defense industry makes it difficult to ensure that all suppliers uphold the same security standards. It’s for this reason that in 2015, the Department of Defense revised and expanded its cybersecurity requirements for contractors and subcontractors. Organizations that do not meet these standards now risk fines and other penalties, in addition to the financial consequences of a hack.

Why Compliance is Important

Organizations should treat regulatory compliance requirements as an opportunity to incorporate industry-standard best practices into their workflow and infrastructure. For military and defense contractors, DoD regulations can and should form the basis of a proactive network security posture. By positioning yourself to meet or exceed compliance requirements, you minimize risk to your organization, even as the nature of the threats against you continues to evolve.

That’s where BlackStratus comes in. We offer a range of turnkey solutions for cyber threat detection for military and defense operations. Our software works with your existing network infrastructure to enhance visibility and streamline your path to compliance. It can provide network monitoring in real-time as well as built-in workflows for responding to security incidents when they occur. A sophisticated rules-based correlation algorithm allows you to achieve zero-day attack prevention.

BlackStratus’ event logging systems automatically record and encrypt network activity, storing this data for up to 12 months in a format that we’ve optimized for rapid summaries and accurate investigations in the event of an incident. Built-in reporting is customizable to your specific compliance requirements, expediting the audit process and saving your team time and paperwork.

Our Products

BlackStratus’ core product offerings include LOGStorm and CYBERShark, cybersecurity software platforms that are ideal for military and defense contractors. Our product suite is easily scalable to grow with your organization, keeping your IT infrastructure secure and compliant without requiring an extensive investment in additional hardware or staff.

Explore our website to learn more about BlackStratus and the benefits our government-compliant cybersecurity software can have for your organization. If you’d like to arrange a demonstration of any of our products, get in touch with one of our representatives directly. Reach our headquarters by calling 844-564-7876 or by using our contact form.

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