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Security & Threat Detection Software for the Public Sector

All organizations with computer networks are vulnerable to outside attacks, whether they’re a small home business or a multinational enterprise. However, for government organizations, the threat of attack is even greater and concerns the safety of entire nations. Federal, state and local government agencies, along with affiliated contractors, handle massive amounts of secure information. Keeping this data safe is of the utmost importance, but in the modern world, that is becoming increasingly difficult.

With cyber-attacks on the rise, budgets dwindling and regulations mounting, effective cyber security for government organizations is more important than ever. BlackStratus is here to help.

Security Challenges in the Public Sector

Government agencies and affiliated organizations face incredible challenges in the modern era, including:

  • Threats: Government agencies are prime targets for both domestic and foreign agents, seeing as they often handle sensitive information of individual and national importance. This importance makes them constant targets of hacker attacks.
  • Compliance: Government agencies face the scrutiny of several regulatory agencies, on top of other government organizations. FISMA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and PCI-DSS are just a few of the regulations agencies often must follow. While maintaining compliance with any one law is difficult, following multiple can take up significant resources, which are often lacking.
  • Tight Budgets: One of the biggest challenges to the public sector has to do with government budgets. Though government cyber security and compliance is a priority in the modern world, budgetary concerns are equally pressing, owing primarily to decreased tax revenues. These dwindling budgets place major constraints on the resources available to government agencies, reducing their ability to build defenses against cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security for Government Organizations

For Public Sector IT operations officers who are looking to improve their cyber security, BlackStratus offers comprehensive government cyber security and compliance solutions. LOGStorm and CYBERShark are intelligent log management systems designed to be valuable cyber security tools for government organizations. Our systems offer:

  • Network Monitoring: Visualize your network in real time and be instantly apprised of threats as they occur. Along with advanced analytical and correlation technology, your team will have the tools needed to recognize threats, identify patterns and prioritize problems for optimized resource and threat management.
  • Scalable System: Needs constantly change for government agencies, and your system’s capabilities need to scale with you. LOGStorm and CYBERShark are highly scalable and provide consistent service through a secure cloud network. The cloud-based system also means your organization doesn’t need to invest in additional hardware to have the system work effectively.
  • Event Logging: The event logging system automatically logs incidents from all network devices, encrypting them for security and storing them for 12 months in the system. These logs are even optimized for rapid summaries and drill downs for investigations.
  • Compliance: Possibly the most important feature of the LOGStorm and CYBERShark systems is compliance. Both systems are compliant with all the key regulations, ensuring your data is secured properly at all levels. The systems also include pre-configured compliance reporting tools to help your organization maintain compliance with regulations like PCI and FISMA.

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