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MSPs: Join Business Owners in the Ring

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  • Openly discuss challenges to mitigate client concerns over cybersecurity.
  • Highlight your time- and cost-saving benefits to capture your clients’ loyalty.
  • Show new executives the value of responsive support to gain an edge on competitors.

Being a new business owner can be tough. Scratch that — being a new business owner can be gut-wrenching. Balancing the work of an enterprise with the processes it takes to make it run smoothly is no walk in the park. Most new entrepreneurs may not consider outsourcing feasible, but that’s wrong. Outsourcing may be what keeps a business afloat during the rocky, early years.

As a smart managed service provider, or MSP, you recognize the opportunity to position yourself as an outsourced solution that business owners direly need. Outsourcing both critical and everyday tasks keeps new businesses secure and gives owners time to focus on their companies.

A company’s success often depends on building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with an MSP. Unfortunately, most of the time, the new business owner has no clue what they should be looking for when choosing an MSP. We’re going to help you out. Here’s what you need to emphasize to attract and sustain these new partnerships.

Provide support for the castle

A cybersecurity breach is often a death sentence for any enterprise, but new businesses are particularly vulnerable. The cost of recouping losses at such an early stage of a company’s life can compromise a business, or even force them out of business. Many new owners are stretched far too thin to handle their cybersecurity comprehensively. These companies avoid disaster by employing you as gatekeeper to their valuable information.

However, there’s a risk in managing services for a company at this stage. These new business owners must understand the challenges involved and the best practices to follow. As a young client scales up or down, changes industries or tries to quickly incorporate new technological strategies, you have to be quick on your feet and maintain close communication.

Offer incredible cost value

New entrepreneurs lack the liquidity or flexibility of more long-standing, established companies. You can market yourself from this angle by highlighting your ability to manage administrative tasks that eat up a person’s schedule. This increases cost savings, which is especially appealing to business owners in the earliest stages of growth. Clients should understand the many offerings at their disposal. Bundling services, for example, can attract new prospects and open the door to long-term, profitable relationships.

Drive scalability to stay competitive

Every business has different compliance considerations and security concerns. You need to provide services that meet these requirements or risk losing business to competitors. A company may need an on-site solution, for example, or a cloud-based system may be a better fit. Give them the scalability and flexibility that appeals to growing businesses.

Businesses often scale quickly, so be on your toes every step of the way. A company’s needs will increase over time, and if you aren’t prepared when they do, your clients may look elsewhere for support.

Invest in responsive support

New enterprise owners are inundated with daily tasks to keep their trades going. They may not respond to security or compliance issues fast enough to prevent security breaches or plug regulatory compliance holes. By providing responsive and thorough support, you mitigate risks for new business owners and afford them flexibility and less concern over the daily, mundane tasks associated with keeping a company secure and compliant.

New entrepreneurs may not think they’re ready or able to retain an MSP. If that happens, remind them that outsourcing can put them in a stronger competitive position. Highlight your services’ flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness. This is what brings business owners to your doorstep.

Connecting with first-time entrepreneurs is an incredible opportunity for you. These executives are focused on bottom lines and company health. They may not see your value, so highlight your benefits. Show them cost savings, scalability and service responsiveness. You’ll be on the same page and close deals with lightning speed.

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