SIEM Solutions Designed to Ease Compliance & Security Management

For comprehensive security visibility, you need a MSSP SIEM solution that easily incorporates data from all your devices, applications, and databases. SIEMStorm™ can support virtually any data source across your organization including traditional network security devices, as well as newer security technologies and critical applications.

SIEMStorm™ is our premier network security solution for cloud service providers and other MSSPs. A single appliance gives you flexible threat visualization and mitigation tools across distributed networks and other multi-tenant environments. Easy to set up right out of the box, SIEMStorm™ integrates with your existing network and security hardware to provide the following advanced features:

  • Advanced architecture with full failover and n-tier redundancy to meet complex regulatory compliance, business continuity and risk management needs

  • Multi-tenancy support to segregate customer accounts and silo files and applications for privacy and data integrity

  • Real-time attack visualization to identify zero-day attacks using sophisticated metrics based on rules-based, vulnerability, statistical and historical correlations

  • Vulnerability correlation to integrate data from CVE-compliant intrusion detection systems, eliminating false positives and freeing up your team to focus on real threats

  • Unparalleled visibility in distributed networks to correlate activity in individual customer environments, identifying hidden threats, suspicious trends and other potentially dangerous behavior

  • Sophisticated reporting tools for ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance standards

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Attacks are expensive and they happen fast. Costs per breached record can exceed $300, and multiplied by millions of records, the financial impact is huge. Difficult to find and to fix, they can cause irreparable harm to your brand and reputation. It takes over 200 days to track down an attacker. Whether you’re a Managed Service Provider with multiple clients depending on your infrastructure, or an enterprise managing your own networks and devices, you need to be sure you have the right systems and SIEM tools in place to protect your customers from an attack that could compromise their data causing major financial and brand damage.
On premise, hybrid or in the cloud — BlackStratus is your solution. We’re:

  • Proven – We have been providing reliable and innovative MSSP SIEM solutions as well as security and compliance solutions for more than fifteen years.

  • Innovative – Our patented technology searches and correlates Big Data, in real time, in the cloud, to identify cyber security breaches as they occur.

  • Fast Our customers discover 89% of attacks in seconds, minutes or hours.

On-Premise, Hybrid, or in the Cloud SIEM Tools

Scalable MSP Solutions That Grow With Your Business

BlackStratus SIEMStorm™ is the only MSSP SIEM solution that offers flexible pay-as-you-go pricing. Under this model, you are only billed for the services and modules you use — no commitment, no package pricing and no restrictive service agreements.

Starting out with BlackStratus is easy, and so is growing your business — get the services you need, when you need them, with pricing that makes professional-quality security management sofware available to MSPs of any size.

Find New Customers With SIEMStorm™

Starting small doesn’t mean staying small, and at BlackStratus we help growing MSPs monetize security management software for profitable growth without risk. SIEMStorm™ allows you to add value-added services without investing in new infrastructure, technology or staff. Our advanced real-time monitoring and security reporting suite helps you grow your business by offering your customers security and compliance services and reporting.

Advanced Technology That Makes the Most out of Your Existing Network Infrastructure

BlackStatus SIEMStorm™ is compatible with over 1,000 network devices, operating systems, servers and other appliances.

Below is a current list of our supported technologies. This list is constantly expanding.


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